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  • Long glass fiber production line

    Long glass fiber production line



    PA6+ Long Carbon Fiber

  • PVB Intermediate Film Production Line 

    PVB Intermediate Film Production Line 


    1.The Optimally designed twin screw extruder can produce PVB resin powder and PVB film recycling in any ratio.

    2.Fully automated material handling system, highly automated raw material proportioning system.

    3.Roll forming, Water forming, Membrane embossing molding, three forming methods to meet the needs of different customers.

    4.Automatic winding device.

    5.Turn-key project.

  • Under water Pelletizing Production Line

    Under water Pelletizing Production Line


    1.Controlled by PLC, touch screen one-click operation, simple and reliable.

    2.Templates and props with high-temperature wear-resistant materials for longer service life.

    3.Three kinds of regulation, such as mechanically adjusted blade, pneumatic adjusted blade and hydraulic- pneumatic adjusted blade.

    4.Unique cutter structure, accurately adjust the clearance between the cutter and the template to make the operation more stable.

  • Clam Shell Barrel Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder

    Clam Shell Barrel Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder


    Various plastic inorganic filler, polymer blending (plastic alloy), plastic coloring, ect

    Various engineering plastic reinforcement of glass fiber, flame-retartant pellets

    Various antibacterial, insulated, toughening materials for specific uses

    Light/biology degradable film materials, amylum degradable plastics and multi-functional anti-fog film materials, etc.

    Specific material for automobiles and household appliance and cable materials, etc

    Themoplastic elastomers, such as TPR, TPE, and SBS, etc

    Regenerate pellets for PVC airproof pieces, thermo-soluble glue, etc

  • Devolatilization Production Line

    Devolatilization Production Line

    1.Polymer is fully fused. 2.The residence time of melt is effectively increased. 3.Specially designed vacuum exhaust chamber can prevent partial backflow and facilitate the cleaning of pipeline sundries. 4.Precise temperature control reduces melt viscosity. 5.Customize different devolatilization processes for different materials. 6.Melt surface regeneration speed is fast. 7.Part of the volatile and dispersed materials can be recycled and reused.  Post-treatment of polymerization reaction is a...
  • Lab Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder

    Lab Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder


    1. Small twin screw extruder is used for testing basic performance of material, such as color, plasticity.

    2. Small twin screw extruder is used for developing the new allotment.

  • CTS-H Series Twin Screw Extruder

    CTS-H Series Twin Screw Extruder


    1.CTS-H series was equipped with import gearbox and safety clutch.

    2.The processing section are modular construction design,they have flexible operation in the mixing and extrusion.

    3. Their performance are more superior,the quality are more reliable ,compared with foreign high-end products,the extruder have good price advantage and perfect after-sales service.

  • CTS-C Series Twin Screw Extruder

    CTS-C Series Twin Screw Extruder

    Typical Configuration

    1. Deceleration, torque distribution integration, new structural design, enhanced safety margin, high precision hard tooth surface grinding, imported bearings and seals, independent forced lubrication cooling system and optional imported zero stress safety coupling;

    2. The machine body adopts the reinforced design;

    3. The Electronic automatic control system is high-end imported instruments or touch screen system, and its main control components adopt the imported brands;

    4. The barrels, screw elements and gearboxes of the main extruder are produced by CNC machining center.

  • CTS-D Series Twin Screw Extruder

    CTS-D Series Twin Screw Extruder


    1.CTS-D series was equipped with high-torque gearbox, the rotary speed can reach to 800 RPM.

    2.Various materials of barrel and screw elements can be chosen.

    3.The processing section L/D can be from 24 to 64.

    4.Independently controlled barrel temperature, priority is given to PLC control.

    High-performance equipment helps customers get a faster return on

  • CD Series single screw extruder

    CD Series single screw extruder


    CD Series Single Screw extruder mainly apply to extrude PP,PE,PETPVC,ABS,PS,PA etc materials.

  • CTS-CD Series Twin Screw Extruder

    CTS-CD Series Twin Screw Extruder


    CTS-CD series two-stage compounding extruder consisted of two parts.

    1.The first stage is a parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder with sufficient mixing function to realize the plasticization, mixing and homogenization of the material, and there is no back-pressure reflux of the head, so as to achieve the best mixing state of the materials.

    2.The second stage is a single-screw extruder with low speed rotation, which can achieve the extrusion of material insulation and avoid decomposition in overheating processing. Combined with powerful design experience, it has a processing manufacturing platform of a special new type of machine structure and screws element.

  • Auxiliary machinery

    Auxiliary machinery

    Feeding material or feeder is a device that can ensure the continuous and uniform feeding of materials, which is suitable for all kinds of particles, powders, additives, auxiliaries and so on. According to the different requirements of feeding precision, the feeder can be divided into volume feeder and loss in weight feeder. According the degree of material flow, the feeder also can be divided into twin screw feeder and single screw feeder. Under the condition that the packing density of mate...
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